“True Colors”


Collection: Now In Color
Size: Variable
High-quality, print-to-order.
Available in various sizes


This is a high quality art print based on the original painting “True Colors” from the “Now in Color” collection by Maurice Ligon II.

True Colors represents the juxtaposition of a muted monotone woman’s silhouette with her true colors being bright and wanting to shine from within. This piece represents evolution and growth to see your true potential and true self.

Artist Statement: People are one of the must complex things of nature and can also be one of the most beautiful. Humans are something everyone understands on a personal level yet we still can marvel at its variations and features. Blending different versions of the human presence into one image was my goal while also bringing in a new dimension of color.

This is an unframed print available in multiple sizes. All items are print-to-order