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🎨 Introducing the evocative art print, “Loss of Self Image,” drawn from the critically acclaimed “Now in Color” collection by artist Maurice Ligon II. Previously featured at the Future Art Gallery in Atlanta, GA, this artwork dives deep into the realms of mental health and self-perception.

Key Features:

Inspiration: A portrayal of a man grappling with his identity, as he becomes almost unrecognizable, symbolizing the struggles many face with mental health and self-image. 🧠💭

Artist Statement:
Humans, in their inherent complexity, stand as one of nature’s most stunning creations. Every individual is unique, and yet, there’s a shared understanding and marvel at our collective diversity. This piece aims to embody the tumultuous journey of one losing their sense of self, delving into feelings of dysmorphia. 🖌️👤

Consider this print as a thoughtful addition to your art collection or a meaningful gift that sparks conversation around mental health and self-awareness. 🎁🗣️