24″ x 30″


🎨 Artwork Specifications:
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Dimensions: 24″ x 30″
Collection: Now In Color
Artist: Maurice Ligon II

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Introducing “Loss” – a poignant representation from the “Now in Color” collection by Maurice Ligon II. This acrylic painting previously graced the walls of the Future Art Gallery in Atlanta, GA, garnering attention and admiration.

At its core, “Loss” dives deep into the narrative of mental health challenges faced by modern African American men. The depicted male image, deconstructed and decomposing, serves as a visual metaphor for the deteriorating mental state.

🌟 Artist’s Insight:
Humans, in their multifaceted complexity, remain an endless source of intrigue. As universally relatable beings, we continuously find awe in our diverse variations and distinctive features. “Loss” seeks to personify the haunting experience of losing oneself, evoking sentiments of dysmorphia and the internal struggles many silently endure.

Capture a narrative that resonates deeply with many, and let this artwork be a conversation starter in your space. Dive into the world of Maurice Ligon II and add “Loss” to your collection today.